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"Hari organised our trip to Nepal since the very beginning. Offered possible treks suitable for our age and physical condition, made up programme for Kathmandu and Pokhara, led the way to ABC and back without leaving a man behind 🙂 Hari is a true mountain man knowing the surroundings, weather and people along the way. Hari is always available for you. You can have any discussions with him anytime or be quiet when you are out of breath. You cannot get lost with Hari."
Prague, Czech Republic
“Nepal My first trekking Longtang. What can I write? My soul danced with happiness. A great country, people, culture Amazing, fantastic experience 😃 Hari, our guide, professional 👍, responsible, full of warmth, peace and understanding. A guide with whom you can climb each "Summit of the Himalayas"🗻 I miss my next trip already. Thanks Hari Namaste 🙏 Dorota"
Dorota Rekuc
Prague, Czech Rep
“My wife and I were fortunate to have had Hari as our guide during a 12 day Trek of the Annapurna Range. He prepared us by insuring we had proper clothing given the time of year and securing all required government documents on our behalf. During the Trek he tended to all our needs. (Insuring lodging was adequate and assisted in ordering meals if language was an issue) Hari has a wealth of knowledge of their environment and culture which was conveyed to us with excellent English. We openly had talks about Nepalis traditions and culture which for us were very informative. In January 2020 we returned to Nepal for a brief visit and again secured Hari’s services for Day Tours of Kathmandu. Hari gives his clients 5 STAR SERVICE. We highly recommend Hari because he is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and pleasant to be with."
Joan and Don Spurrill
“After my first visit to Nepal, I was there twice, in 2015 and 2019. Both times my guide was Hari Kaphle, who led us through the Annapurna Circuit, the Pokhara Valley, the trail around Annapurna, and into the Langtang valley and around the Gosainkunda lakes. Together we explored Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan and Lumbini. Hari showed us the beauty of his country and the kindness of the people living there. He invited us to his home, where we met his family and his neighbours. Thanks to him we could better see and perhaps better understand thel life of the inhabitants of this country, not only in Kathmandu, but also during trekking. Hari is a wonderful, warm man with a great sense of humour. But first of all he is a very caring and resposible guide. He ensured us maximum safety during the trekking, even in precarious situations. He supported and motivated us and kept our spirits up. I am already looking forward to next meetings with him and his country. ."
Jakub Nowak
“I first met Hari in 2007, when he was my trekking guide, for my first trip to Nepal. Hari picked me up from the hotel and he seemed like a cool guy. By the time we got to the airport, we were laughing and joking, like old friends. The flights to Lukla were cancelled due to bad weather. But given the options, Hari suggested trekking in the Annapurna region instead. I was impressed with the way he relayed the information about the situation and with the speed and efficiency with which he went about changing the itinerary; we had a successful trek in Annapurna. Hari is a quiet, unassuming, man but not without confidence and understanding – At times I struggled with the exertion and the altitude – Hari was the only thing that got me through this. His steady style and quiet confidence were very reassuring. His knowledge of the mountain and the way he dealt with people was invaluable. After the trek, Hari became my city guide around Kathmandu and the surrounding area. I feel very fortunate to have met Hari – and I had an amazing time. Quite apart from his quiet demeanour Hari is a true gentleman. I now consider him my guide and my friend."
Matthew O'Toole
England, Uk
“The Trip To Nepal together with Harry we Gonna remember forever. Hari lives in Kathmandu. He has a lot of experience in organizing Hiking Trips in the Himalaya Mountains. He speaks perfectly english. So there is no problem in planning and Talking To him. He tries To make a Good Plan with all the Clients wishes. And that Makes ist so individual and fantastic. We had a fabulous Trip Around anapurna Circiut, Visiting Kathmandu a few days before, and Pokara, a few days After. Our Daily walks were manageable. We stayed i beautiful small villages. Hari, Thank you again for the best Trip ever. Hopefully we can Come back Soon! Best regards,."
Ela and Ewa
Berlin, Germany
“Hari is a wonderful, warm person and a very proffessional Himalayan guide. 2018 he was guiding our group through Langtang, showing us all these breathtaking views. He was full of compassion and understanding for my weak physilcal condition und supported me ever so often with his hearty smile. I simply had to smile back, although I was really scared andI didn´t feel well at all. If I ever decide to go to the „roof of the world”again, it will be only with him."
Ania Münstermann
Berlin, Germany
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