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Kamal "Hari" Kaphle

Trekking Guide

Expert Guide

Kamal ‘Hari’ Kaphle is a trekking guide with more than 30 years of experience, and expertise in guiding adventurous travellers around the Himalayas. His great love for his environment is the cause of his mission to share this love for the Himalayas and allow others too to hear the song of the beauty of Nepal. Hari is a born Nepali and has lived in the land of his birth all his life, and has also travelled. Hari is from the Brahmin caste of Hinduism – while he chose to take up being a guide rather than having a religious calling. the Nepali people are incredibly polite and courteous and Hari is no exception. Worldly wise and a quiet man – with a great deal of knowledge about Nepal, the Himalayas and both important and more mundane matters – Hari is the perfect trekking guide – a man for all seasons.