“I first visited Nepal in 2007, when I met Hari for the first time. I had bought a trek from a trekking company to Everest Base camp. Hari picked me up from my hotel, he seemed a cool guy, and I felt relaxed and comfortable with him from the outset. By the time we got to the airport, we were joking like friends. The Everest base camp flights at that time were canceled as the weather had come down on the mountain making it impossible to fly. I respected Hari’s concern for my safety and the way he relayed the information to me about the situation, giving me the options of what we could do. From his suggestions, I selected trekking in the Annapurna region instead. And with speed and efficiency Hari, went about changing the itinerary of the trip. We had a successful trek in the Annapurna region. Hari was quiet, unassuming, confident, and understanding throughout the trip – I had done little preparation for this excursion and was not particularly fit. At times I struggled with the exertion and the altitude – Hari was the only thing that got me through. His steady style and quiet confidence were very reassuring. His knowledge of the mountain and the way he had of dealing with situations and people were invaluable. He is known by everybody in the trekking business – he is liked, well connected, and respected by everyone and where ever we ended up Hari knew someone of influence who could arrange something special for us. After the trek we became inseparable and Hari became my city guide around Kathmandu and the surrounding area. We went on a motorbike ride around Kathmandu, visited many temples, and took bus rides together. Hari’s knowledge astounded me and he was always incredibly patient with my constant questioning. It was a dream of a holiday and largely due to the fortunate circumstances of being able to meet Hari – and I had an amazing time. Since then I have been back to Nepal twice and each time Hari has been more than happy to act as my guide. He is amazingly flexible about making himself available for you. Hari has not only introduced me to his family but I have stayed with them on occasions, and I was treated not only with great respect but like one of the family. Quite apart from his quiet confidence and unassuming nature Hari is a true gentleman. I consider him now my guide, my brother and a very close friend.”